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28th July 2021 

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

We work with you to develop a greater ability to be in touch with yourself, which enables you to connect on a deeper level with work colleagues, and also with personal relationships.

Areas of Specialism

Bridging The Cultural Divide

Given our multi cultural life experience and marriage we have found ourselves specialising in work with individuals and groups in an international context. We help and support you to overcome cultural divides. The focus is heavily on interpersonal communication styles and the development of emotional intelligence and maturity.

Executive Coaching and Team Work

The aim in team work is to development functional behaviour and highlight dysfunctional styles of communication ... we help you to:

• Understand the impact you have on others and to create the impact you want more often
• Handle triggering situations and reduce the frequency of creating counterproductive emotional reactions in others
• Identify your internal assumptions and drivers and go beyond the limitations these create
• Give effective, constructive feedback and accept and use feedback you receive
• Work with the complex dynamics contained within teams and working groups
• Build trust in your organisation and create a more positive working environment
• Tackle toxic behaviours and communication styles
• Create alignment around common goals and interests

About Mentoring

Here are some questions that give an idea of the scope and breadth covered in our Mentoring programme.


Who has been your greatest teacher - or mentor - in life?
Who inspires you now?
How do you define 'happiness'?
What are you grateful for?
Do you believe in ‘luck’?
When do you feel ‘in the zone’?
What have been the pivotal events in your life that have shaped you?
What's the worst failure you’ve ever suffered?
How does attitude manifest your quality of life?
What are three values that are very important to you?

What is your definition of 'success'?
How would you describe your 'personal brand'?
What have you learned about 'love'?
What's your favourite ever scene in a movie?
What’s been the biggest breakthrough that you have had in your life?
What new breakthroughs are you working on now?
If you could rewind the film of your life to age 20, what would you like to change about yourself?
How do you envision your life in 5 years’ time?
What's your Life's Purpose?
What will be your Legacy?

Personal Approach